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WOW, what a gift to be able to serve you and the over 40,000 nurses invited to the Nurses Week Resiliency ReBoot. 


When we (Stephanie, Sarah and Tami) heard from you that there just weren't enough hours in the day to plan a Nurses Week in 2021, we just had to get involved. Same thing with 2022, we wanted to be your partner in crime, to bring energizing, burnout busting and hope rejuvenating content and experiences, and take some of the planning burnden off of your shoulders.


We also heard that you have got it from here! Not that you have more hours in the day, however you’ve told us that you truly would love to celebrate your nurses from some good ‘ol fashion homegrown nurses week planning. That is so awesome. We are going to exit stage left!


If you need us, we are still here for you. You may wish to bring Stephanie or Sarah in as part of your nurses week activities, or perhaps inviting them to speak for your association. Awesome! Here’s how you can contact us.


If you are just landing on our site, and you're curious about us, we’ve kept our original mission and origin story below. 


We so admire and appreciate what you do each and every day. Stay strong healthcare friends.

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