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Sarah McVanel, healthcare speaker, Recognition

Sarah McVanel  
International Recognition
& Culture Expert

MSc, International Recognition Expert, Keynote Speaker, & former "organizational therapist" to hospitals for over 15 years. Having coached hundreds of leaders & healthcare teams, she understands the strain of the caring professions. Learn how the exponential power of recognition can reduce burnout, turnover, bullying, compassion fatigue & work dissatisfaction.

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Stephanie Staples 
International Psychosocial Wellness Expert & reWired Nurse

International Keynote Speaker, reWired Nurse, Coach & Healthcare Consultant has burnt-out & bounced forward! She serves nurses from the Middle East to the Mayo Clinic, sharing insights, ideas & inspiration proven to increase feelings of hopefulness, happiness, empowerment to create positive change & deal with stress. Plus, she makes learning pretty darn fun!

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Stephanie Staples, healthcare speaker, rewired nurse
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